Wednesday, August 8, 2012

and so it begins

Summer that is. Well, really it started more than a month ago but it's better late than never. In all honesty I haven't exactly had the 'equipment' to do the blogging which makes me feel awful and like I'm continuously making excuses why I should not blog. So in a nutshell, my computer is broken and my best friend was as genourous as to kindly lend me her laptop to catch up on some sought after blogging. I've been almost craving writing lengthy posts with pictures capturing just mere seconds of my life. I've been up to a lot lately too. Spending time with friends, spontaneous cliff jumping, unexpected water balloon fights, journal filling, swimming (a LOT), sunrise/set gazing, picture taking (of course) and well, just having fun like any sixteen year old should on her summer holidays.

Delicious read by the way!

So my summer has been pretty laid back yet at the same time somewhat hectic. Im'm off to New York city with my best friend in just FOUR days (almost unbearable) and I haven't started packing yet, oops. How is your summer lovely?

Much love,

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  1. love Love LOVE the flower! And you are really pretty! :)
    Kimmy x