Tuesday, November 20, 2012

waiting & wishing

As usual, I have been pondering my life and how I dread the day to day activities that continue to venture their way into my crazy yet ho-hum life. I have tried countless times to perfect everything; my school life, my eating habits, my fitness, my blog etc. And I'm coming to that realization that no, not everything can be perfect or how I want it to be. Instead of trying to fix them I always seem to end up not giving the effort which clearly doesn't help any more or any less. I seem to constantly find myself stranded in my own little world far off from reality and incapable to accept the fact that my life won't change until I do. I guess I just need to stop waiting and wishing, and begin starting and doing. 

I realize the pomegranates are completely irrelevant but spontaneity is a good trait, right?

How do you overcome continuous cycles such as my life?

much love,

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