Sunday, December 18, 2011

Memories are what I live off of.

So, my friend came over yesterday. We stayed up late eating junk food, playing truth or dare, going on tumblr and just hanging out. Then it hit us like a ton of bricks that we were creating memories and that when we are older we would do anything to re-live these moments again. I will admit I don't think I will ever stop talking in a British accent or listening to music I listened to when I was younger. It helps bring back these memories and it makes me happy. No matter how cliche High School Musical or the Jonas Brothers are, I will never forget the memories they gave me. Yet at the same time, if you keep on reminiscing then you can never truly be living in the moment. So yesterday while we were crying about how fast we're growing up I said to her we should enjoy the moment because these will soon be memories. So we did, we took pictures laughed and had a great time.

Well arent we just the most attractive things you have ever seen? ;) But yeah I love the time we spend together and I always have a blast even though we get so mad we feel like ripping each others hair out. Either way I wouldn't trade her for a million dollars, weeeell... JUST KIDDING! What's your favourite memory with your best friend? 
Much love, Madi :)

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